Polishing your heart.

“The Sufis speak of polishing the heart into a mirror, so that through our love we can reflect the heart of everything.  This is why we polish the heart into a mirror—to open and touch the place within us where all life lives, where all hearts feel, where all things resound through the inlet of our soul.” (summarized from The Endless Practice by Mark Nepot).

The practice of yoga enables us to deeply cleanse and polish the physical, mental & spirit body. We begin with the palpable expansion & contraction of the breath as a way of bringing new life force in and releasing expired energy out.  When our mind connects to this energetic ritual, the muscular, cellular, and subtle body responds in harmony.

This week, as our culture reminds us of the importance and celebration of love, bring this awareness of polishing the heart into your daily practice. Just as you brush your teeth in the morning, take the time to look inward to your heart. Visualize your own gentle hands polishing your heart. Dissolve the film, peel back the layers or barriers that are hardened by fear and uncertainty and breath openly and deeply into the expression and expansion of love. This is the place where all life lives. This is the practice of love.