The practice…

Our daily practice begins with intention. When we make a conscious connection  to our mind & heart, we enter into our personal practice of living our best life. The thing about The Practice is that it is an ongoing effort. In order to start the practice, we need permission to meet ourselves where we are and move from that energy. This is a great opportunity to check in & become an observer of yourself in the moment. In real time. This is not the self you were in minutes past, nor will it be the self you will become. The challenge is to find comfort in the self as it exists in the moment. It is helpful to acknowledge thoughts and energy that you go towards out of habit. It is helpful to acknowledge all thoughts, energy, emotions & sensation. Practice being in those places. It is in these places that we find areas that need clearing or release as well as places where we are able to hold space. Your practice is something you may come to many times throughout your day, or every so often, in your life. It always has a beginning, but no end.

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